We’ll be straightforward – packing a garage is a very daunting and time-consuming process. If there had to be a least favorite type of packing, it’d be garages. Nonetheless, we’ll try to help you out and make a bit easier with our expert garage packing tips:

• Garages are usually are cluttered with extremely useful and extremely useless stuff so you need to sort them and strategize what you can live to leave behind and what you can’t.
• Put the useful items (to take) on one side of the garage and the useless items (to leave behind) on the other. (Bonus tip: don’t confuse the two piles!)
• The items you aren’t taking, you can either donate or sell the stuff online – or hey, hold a garage sale – or you can simply give them to your friends or neighbors if they want them.
• The items you are taking, prepare cartons, boxes, wrapping tape, bubble wrap, Ziploc bags, etc. to store them and pack them according to where they will go at the new place.


DURING Packing:• Put all tools and small metal objects (there are always small metal objects coming out from garages, it’s like a universal thing) into a dedicated toolbox. If you don’t have one, take a small box and write TOOLBOX on it to remember.

• Place small hardware items, that can sneakily disappear in the packing process, in Ziploc bags to keep them safe.
• Sharp times like blades, knives, etc. should ALWAYS be wrapped in old towels or rags and marked “Careful – Sharp”.
• Put all long-handled tools together in a bundle and wrap them up with a blanket or bundle tie the handles using twine, zip tie or nylon rope.
• Disassemble any electronic tools and pack them in boxes between the other items
• Any furniture stored in your garage like lawn chairs should be dismantled if they can – this helps in easily moving them. Chairs should be stacked together and if any furniture has cushions, remove from furniture and stack them as well.
• Safely move or dispose of an items that are potentially dangerous to move such as fuel in a lawn mower or power tools, propane tanks and other items alike.