On its own, moving is a life event chock-full of moving parts. Throw a teen or two into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a challenging day. But before you start worrying, know that it is wholly possible to have a positive experience moving with teens. Read on for some tips to help your move go smoothly.

Stress-Free Tips for Moving with Teens

Moving can affect your teenager in different ways. These 13 tips help keep your teen involved and show you how to communicate with your kids effectively.

1. Start Early

How can we put this lightly? Teenagers are not the most productive or proactive folks on the planet. When you’re moving with teens, make sure to start the packing process early. This ensures you complete tasks in a timely manner.

2. Break It Down

Big moves can be especially daunting to a teenager. Break the packing down into manageable chunks, and leave the most important areas, like the bathroom and kitchen, until the end.

3. Schedule It Out

Not all of your moving mini-projects need to be completed in one day. Spread out what you need to accomplish over the course of a week, month, or however long you need.

4. Take a Break

If the moving process is overwhelming for you, it’s definitely overwhelming for your teen. Make time for breaks so your teen has time to adjust.

5.  Have a Checklist  

One of the best ways to keep track of what’s done and what’s left is to create a checklist. You can make it a fun process by rewarding prizes as you complete tasks.

6. Communicate the Details

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s happening. Keep your teen in the loop about the location of the new house and the reason for the move.

7. Involve Your Teen in the Process

Switching schools, making new friends, finding a new place to eat in the cafeteria is a lot for a teenager to take in. Try to involve your teen in the moving process to help him or her feel more in control.

8. Get Them a Journal

Moving journals can be a healthy way of expressing what your teen is going through. You can also use them as a scrapbook to document the transition.

9. Let Them Paint Their New Room

For teenagers, a bedroom is their safe space and an extension of their creativity and self-expression. Let your teen get creative and paint their new walls. This is a great way to get them excited about the new place and create a space of their own.

10. Research Schools Together

A big part of moving a teen is switching to a new school. Allow them to research their new school and take a tour to see the campus.

11. Stop and Listen

Teenagers can be especially sensitive during a move, so it’s important to pause and acknowledge how they’re feeling. Listen to their concerns with an open mind and try to see it from their perspective.

12. Make it a Learning Experience

Throughout life, your teen is going to have to deal with many changes. Use this as an opportunity to teach them coping skills.

13.  Don’t Be Afraid to Get Moving Help

Professional movers can make this transition into your new home much simpler and allow you to focus on your teenager instead of heavy boxes. A full-service company can pack, move, and unload for you.

Ameritex Movers

Moving with teens has its ups and downs, which can be a lot for any family. If you’re interested in making the packing and transporting portion of your move easier, contact Ameritex Movers.