Our pets are valued and treasured family members, so we want to make sure they are at ease with the hustle and bustle of moving your move in Houston. Being prepared and getting your pet prepared for your next home or apartment move is vital to ensuring a good moving experience for you, your family and your furry loved ones. Below is a list and infographic of helpful tips for moving with pets that we have accumulated over the years.

Tips For Moving With Pets

Top 6 Tips for Moving with Pets

  1. Keep a routine! Pets thrive on routines, so it is necessary to keep your pet on the same feeding and walking schedule, even if that means taking a break from packing every once in a while (We know how hard that is when you’re moving with pets…)
  1. Bring in packing supplies early. This will help your pet adjust to the changes of moving slowly. Waiting until the last minute to pack will not only stress you out but will also create stress and anxiety for your furry friend too.
  1. Pack a Pet Box too. Pack an essentials box for your pet that has bowls, bottle of water, pet food, any needed medications, a few favorite toys and some treats =)
  1. Security is the key. Keep your furry friends in a familiar room and pack that room last. On moving day, keep your pet with a trusted friend, family member or a pet sitting service. This will leave you with one less worry and more able to focus on your move. In case you can’t do this then be sure to secure your pet in either their crate or in a quiet room with the door closed.  Be sure to put a note on the door that says keep closed.
  1. Sniff it out! When settling in… Allow your pets to adjust room by room.   Make sure to take your pet on a walk to get them acquainted with the new neighborhood. They need to “sniff” it out for themselves!
  2. Update your address with your veterinarian and don’t forget to make new tags for the collars!

Check our tips for moving with cats in particular. Your moody feline could complicate your move, but don’t worry! We’ve got you and your pets covered.

Watch this video to see our tips for making your move with pets a breeze.