For some people, moving to a new city means little more than endless packing and list-making. But who says it can’t include some serious fun? Find out all about how to throw the most epic going away party imaginable in the graphic below, or scroll down to read more.

graphic hosting a great going away party

Hosting an Awesome Going Away Party

Party planning doesn’t have to take up all your time and energy. To get started, just ask yourself a few questions and get busy coordinating!


First things first — who is this party for? The relationship you have with the guest of honor dictates some of your party choices. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you planning a fun soiree for yourself?
  • Is the guest of honor a close friend or a casual acquaintance?
  • Are you coordinating a get-together for a coworker or committee member?

Next, plan your guest list. A small, intimate get-together requires less fuss. On the other hand, a larger party ensures the guest of honor can bid a convenient farewell to local friends and family.


It’s important to establish the type of party you’ll be throwing. Surprise parties are popular, as long as your guests can keep a secret. Just make sure you have a plausible excuse to lure the guest of honor to the party location.

Themes are great fun for going away parties. Planning a destination theme is simple and relatively inexpensive. You can work the guest of honor’s new destination into the party’s theme in a number of ways, such as:

  • Maps and art prints for decoration
  • Food and drinks the destination is known for
  • Games with local trivia
  • Gift cards the guest of honor can use in their new city

Alternatively, you could plan a “best of” party as a tribute to your guest of honor’s hometown.


A word to the wise: Try not to plan your party immediately before the big move. A going away occasion can be emotionally and physically exhausting. When you add in packing, change of address, and everything else involved with moving, it’s too much to deal with at once.

The optimal party time is a week or two prior to moving day.


Do yourself — and your guest of honor — a favor and find an outside venue. No one wants to skirt around an obstacle course of boxes. By then, some of the furniture might also be broken down or in storage. It’s easier on everyone to plan the soiree at a favorite local bar, restaurant, or another friend’s place. Grab a few helpers for cleanup duties, and you’re good to go.

The best part of any going away party is the authenticity involved in celebrating your guest’s new life journey. On the day of, it’s good to let go of your structured plans and go with the flow. Embrace the tears, the passing around of photos, the lingering hugs, and the impromptu speeches. These are the moments that create the best memories.

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