Apartment life has many conveniences and benefits, but unfortunately, an outdoor garden isn’t one of them. Apartment residents usually lack outdoor space, so it’s up to plant-loving tenants to get creative. Whether it’s for improved air quality or decor, indoor plants can truly breathe life into an apartment. If you’d like to add some greenery to your flat, check out these easy-to-implement tips on apartment gardening. 

Small Space and Apartment Gardening Ideas

There are many ways to create green spaces within the restrictions of an apartment. Read on to discover which plants thrive indoors and are low-maintenance enough to survive even the most novice gardener.

Keep it Simple with Succulents

It’s hard to kill a desert plant because they thrive even with neglect. Some of the easiest gardening plants are succulents. Succulents are low-maintenance cacti that require minimal space, little dirt, and even less water.

Succulents come in various sizes, shapes, and styles — from tall cacti to leafy jade plants. Explore what your local nursery has to offer to find just what you’re looking for.

Can’t Kill Water-Loving Elephant Ear Plants

Another easy plant for an apartment garden is the elephant ear plant. These plants are the exact opposite of succulents and require excessive amounts of water but no dirt, making them easy and clean apartment plants. 

With colorful rocks and vases, elephant ear plants can bring a new vibe to your apartment. If you choose one, be sure to provide plenty of sunlight and fresh water.

Utilize Your Balcony with Over-the-Ledge Pots

If you want to add more traditional plants to your apartment space, invest in pots that hang over balcony ledges. Herbs, such as basil or dill, are great and easy options. Because you’re exposing the plants to the natural world, follow their natural cycle by planting in the spring. Many herbs, such as lemongrass and chives, also grow well indoors.

Get Creative with Cool Terrariums

Terrariums are fun, customizable, and stylish choices for apartments. On top of that, they require little maintenance because they utilize natural moisture. Fill these glass gardens with your favorite plants and landscaping accessories. (Do your research first to ensure your plants are compatible with your environment and container type.) For convenience, Amazon offers a variety of pre-made terrariums in all shapes and sizes. 

Moving Into an Apartment

Apartment gardening is a great first step to make your new place feel like home. Our team at Ameritex would love to be a part of that transition. If you are planning an apartment move and need help from the pros, contact us. We are the only moving company in Houston to guarantee a Stress-Free Move.