This is it — the big reveal, the event where you get to show off your new home to friends and family. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about your housewarming party from the moment you decided to move. Or maybe it’s just a fun, spontaneous decision you made after getting settled.

Whatever the case, it’s not every day you get to throw such a big event. That’s why Ameritex Movers has proven tips to help you pull off a truly great housewarming party. Follow our easy planning suggestions, and you’re sure to be the host with the most.

What To Do Before The Big Event

First and foremost, enlist help if you can. Even the most prepared party host will likely feel pulled in a dozen directions during the actual event. If you can’t swing a caterer, try to sweet talk a couple friends or family members into lending you a hand.

Next, consider your seating options. Pull chairs, benches, stools, and ottomans from all rooms of the house. Arrange them in a way to encourage conversation. Get creative with seating if you need to. Sturdy items such as crates and boxes will work great, especially if you drape them with pretty fabric.

Will your party be themed? If so, go all out. Work the theme into invitations, music, menu items, and decor. People love a good theme party, and a housewarming doesn’t have to be stuffy.

Housewarming Party Time

Small details work together to make your guests feel at home. On the day of your housewarming, try to:

  • Leave extra supplies in your guest bath.
  • Arrange fresh flowers in vases around your home.
  • Burn a scented candle or bake something fragrant just before guests arrive.
  • Ensure you have enough refreshments for unexpected visitors.

As you set up food and beverage stations, try to show off the best parts of your home. Take advantage of that stunning kitchen or amazing entry, and set up accordingly.

No doubt partygoers will want personal tours of your new home, but accommodating each group separately will quickly tire you out and take you away from your hosting duties. Instead, wait until most of your guests arrive and conduct a group tour.

After the party, send personalized, handwritten thank you notes to anyone who helped you with the party or brought a gift. A nice email also works if you’re short on time. If you took photos, consider creating a printed photo book to remember all of the special details. Shutterfly and Snapfish are both great printing options.

Are You Considering a Move?

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