Like it or not, the appearance of your corporate space speaks volumes to your customers. Although office decor typically trails behind home trends, corporate style has taken a much-needed step into modern design. Decorating your office can be extremely fun, we promise. But if you’re nervous about changing up your corporate look, we’re here to help. Check out our top office decor recommendations to get started.

Top 5 Tips For Modern Office Decor

Before you get ready to change your decor, take some time to consider the vibe you’re after. Traditional businesses should stick with timeless style. However, if you own a small but fun establishment, try adding a touch of whimsy. For a fashionable establishment, it’s important to keep up with design trends.

1. Go all out on your entry and reception area.

It’s easy to understand how a stunning entry can set the tone for your visitors. If you only revamp one area, this should be it. Invest in timeless art, furniture, and lighting for that optimal “wow” factor.

2. Create functional spaces within your office.

Appoint designated spaces like a copy station, archival center, and conference area. This will help traffic flow in the office, as well as keep things in their proper places.

While you’re at it, make sure each space is correctly lit and arranged for comfort, aesthetics, and productivity.

3. Declutter and get creative with storage solutions.

If you’re about to move offices, take advantage of the opportunity to go through all of your office clutter. If not, weed through items by room or by category. Choose multifunctional storage pieces that double as attractive furniture or decor.

4. Think about adding color.

Any establishment can benefit from some color, whether it’s a few decor pieces or a fun accent wall. At the very least, choose one or two colors to repeat throughout your design scheme. You’d be surprised how something so simple can pull together your entire look.

5. Include your staff in the process.

Within reason, try giving your staff the freedom to personalize their specific areas. You could also take suggestions for improving comfort and productivity, such as ergonomically designed office chairs or warm lighting.

If you can’t pull off a complete revamp, changing even one or two aspects will work wonders for your business. Few things have as much impact as a comfortable, well-designed office space.

Are You Considering an Office Move?

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